Hidden Gems in Washington DC

Hidden Gems in Washington DC

As we mentioned in a previous post, ABC is proud to operate in several cities and states on the east coast, including Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, and Columbus. In our blog we’d love to feature some of our favorite events, activities, and places in the cities that we provide garage door repair and installation to.

Hidden Gems in Washington DC: Our Top 3

Washington DC is an incredible city. Tourists from all over the world come to DC to visit our nation’s capitol, and many people see the same few tourist attractions each time they come: the White House, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial and so on.

While these national treasures are definitely worth seeing, we believe that DC has even more to offer than some people–tourists and DC residents alike–even know about.

Eastern Market - DC's Hidden Gems

Eastern Market: Featuring fresh produce and meat, arts and crafts, community events, and more, the Eastern Market “has served as a community hub, connecting neighbors, families and visitors” for more than 130 years.

Library of Congress Reading Room: DC Hidden GemsLibrary of Congress: Built in 1800, the Library of Congress is an incredible site. Not only does its collection include more than 30 million books and 60 million manuscripts, but the building’s architecture, especially its reading room, is stunning.

Washington DC Octagon HouseThe Octagon House: In the late eighteenth century, octagon houses became a popular style of architecture for the wealthy. The Washington DC Octagon House has a fascinating history, and if you like to be spooked it is supposedly the most haunted house in Washington DC.

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