ABC Recommends: Baltimore Aquarium

ABC Recommends: Baltimore Aquarium

ABC Garage Doors is proud to offer our services to families and businesses in Baltimore, Rockville, Columbus, Washington DC, and Virginia. Each of the cities and states that we operate in has unique attractions, and we’d like to begin featuring some of them in our blog.

Baltimore Aquarium: About

Baltimore Aquarium

Technically called the National Aquarium, Baltimore, the Aquarium has been in operation for more than thirty years in the Inner Harbor neighborhood of Baltimore, MD. While its sister aquarium, the National Aquarium in DC, might be more well known, the Baltimore Aquarium has received dozens of awards and recognitions over the past thirty years, including both local and national accolades.

The Aquarium has both permanent and temporary exhibits. Of the former, some of the most popular include the Bottle Nosed Dolphin Exhibit in the Pier Four Pavilion and its extensive collection of rays. Overall, the Aquarium boasts over 660 species of animals.

One of our favorite exhibits at the Baltimore Aquarium is the rainforest exhibit, which simulates an Amazon rainforest. Lizards, frogs, parrots, and sloths, and other reptiles and mammals hang out in the simulated caves and forests.

Parking for the Aquarium is relatively easy. The Lockwood Place Garage–Baltimore Aquarium’s parking partner–offers $3 off parking in their garage for Baltimore Aquarium visitors. Check out the Baltimore Aquarium’s website for more information.

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What’s your favorite exhibit at the Baltimore Aquarium?

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